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Originally Posted by BrightEye
In other words, I have to figure out the reason behind the lack of trust

and then work out ways and means to earn it?
I guess, if you figure out the reasons, the solutions will be obvious, or nearly so. Then you will only need the strength (honesty-"Virtue"-will) to carry it out.

So the cards don't say anything about interaction in the first instance?
I guess I agree with those who have said "talking". But make sure you know why you want to say what you have to say, and also plan in case things don't go your way in the imagined conversation(s). That's the message of the 6 of swords. The Trump "Adjustment" means - always stay balanced and don't let things get out of hand! (unbalanced).

Ross, this is very intellectual stuff. I read it 5 times. Sounds good though the way you put it.
LOL - I hope it helps. But the 3 of Wands is a demanding card; you have to be honest, to feel you are right, to have courage; you have to want to do it.
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