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Hi fulgour!

Great minds think alike!
It's an interesting article. And yes, it does indeed show what a huge mass of confusion there is!
Which is really why I came to think of it as 'Man on a horse' and 'Man sitting down', becuse if you use the names so much confusion arises.

Yes. Tarot is tarot.
And sometime I think people over analyse it, try to make it fit this system or that.
Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't.
It can be an interesting excercise, but...
I don't know, just because something fits, or almost fits, it doesn't mean it is meant to be there.

For me the euphonium thing is going a bit far.
Of course it could be very meaningful to someone who understands all that stuff about pitches and frequencies.
But becuse I don't understand it, and because these correspondances are meaningless to me, it's Ok for me to ignore it.
It dosn't necessarily mean that I don't understand the courts, I do, in my own way, I just don't understand them in terms of frequencies!

And I think that can be a problem sometimes.
Someone studies something, and begin to understand it in their own way, and to see correspondances between it and other things they understand.
Their own metaphors and images.
But then other people get the idea that they have to be able to see it that way too, and if they cannot see it through the same metaphors and images they feel that they do not understand it properly.
As though understanding the metaphor has become more important than understanding the thing itself.

But people can see this stuff anyway they want, they can use their own metaphors and imaginings. Whatever makes sense to them.

I don't care if a great man, or a great occultist decided that all the court cards were symbolic of different breeds of cat. (or whatever)
If that way of seeing it does not make sense to me, I don't have to use it.

Sorry, rambling on a bit...
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