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Collecting Your Best, Brightest, Most Exciting Three Card Spreads!!!

I love three card spreads! I was wondering what you use and if you have fascinating and fresh ideas on the three card spread. Any topic, any kind of three card spread will be warmly welcomed!

Please be clear about the card placement, as not all three card spreads layout in order. For example, a three card spread that is the basis of one of my free form reading techniques lays out as follows:


You read the third card first! It often shows the current state of affairs for the querent. (But these "meanings" are not hard and fast. I just know that I alwasy read the third card first and build it from there.) Card 2 is usually the emotional environment and the first card shows you what you need to know to bring together 2 and 3.

Then you build from there if you need to.


Again, I read 6 first, then 5 and check on 4 to link 5 and 6. And of course 4 is the bridge to the upper cards. You go down from there with as many sets of cards as you need to look at other areas in the same individual's life. The positional meanings of the three cards stay pretty much the same, but may vary and you'll see what I mean as you use this grid more and it begins to speak to you. And I warn you, the positions don't always mean the same thing! But the third card is always the first card I read and the third card I place. Don't know why, it just has consistently worked out that way.

I tend to converse with the deck as I go. Saying Show me the...boyfrined...Show me the....hidden aspect that needs to be revealed now...and so forth.

I use this most often if the person has no question. This is sort of my own dialog with the cards, and as people say, oh but...blahblahblah....I check it against the deck. And it can bring to the surface some great info.

So, that is my three card spread that I build into all kinds of readings.

What is yours????

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