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3 card fan here also, some from books, and some found here in the spread index.

I almost always lay them

With the querent or focus of the spread at one/center so I know which cards are pushing/pulling the central focus.

DoDo spread By Zoe posted on July 3. I *think* she is Mary Greer's secretary.
1. the situation
2. Don't do
3 Do do
I think this is a rather brilliant solution to some of the yes/no questions

1. Problem/Issues
2. What Hinders
3. What Helps

1. Issue
2. Option One
3. Option Two

1. Id
2. Ego
3. Super ego

Creativity spread by VoodooGyal Dec. 1/05
1. What skills do I bring?
2. Where I need to focus efforts
3. Benefit gained from skill growth
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