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Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Ace of Wands

The first thing to get my attention on this card, were the candles. They are spaced to form a square, but they are all of differing size and length. Some will burn down quicker than others. SOme will contain the wax within, due to the fact they are somewhat thicker, others will probably drip wax on to the table.

I also saw the clenched fist and lower arm was not positioned between the wands. Therefore, the sense of symmetry and order is not quite there. Somewhat different to what we saw on the Ace of Cups.
The hand is grasping a very orante wand of sorts, but the tip has natural life depicted, in the form of vine leaves and berries. I have read the accompanying book, and could not find reference to what the berries were exactly, so the plant growth woven around the tip of the wand is to be read symbolically, with its revelance being explained by Barbara.

The gears shown near the top of the wand remind me, when they start to turn, things start to happen. We all hear about the cogs in the head turning when we are deep in thought, so yes - manifestation or action does usually start with an idea. However, sometimes the most amazing things manifested come from pure instinct and inspiration. When that happens, it is best not to question or thing, but just 'do'.

Quite a simple card when seen at face value, but I think it has potential to be developed should it appear in a reading.
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