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Page of Pentacles

Whilst there are a few threads on this forum dealing with Robin's Pages in general, there is no "Page of Pentacles" thread...'til now!

As mentioned by others in the general Page posts, Robin drew wonderfully helpful items that hang off the belts of her Pages, in order to give a hint as to the Page's essence and what a particular Page stands for/represents. The Page of Pentacles sports a hardcover book, representing scholarship, study, and for me, research. If the querent, be it me or someone else, asks a question and this card comes up...inevitably I'm guided (or I advise the querent) to delve further into the topic via reading/research of some sort. No matter what, deeper...not surface...thought is needed.

This is not a frivolous or silly Page, but instead has the same qualities of groundedness to the earth and sympathy for all its creatures, as the other court cards in this suit. She's less concerned with outward appearance (including her own) and more concerned with what lies within the heart and soul of the matter...getting to the nitty-gritty of things. Being drawn shoeless exemplifies how she is connected to the land (and loves the feel of fresh grass between her toes!) The card reminds me of the beauty of simple things and how we shouldn't take anything for granted, but instead always be grateful (for things such as clean air and water; freedom to move, think, and speak; etc....)

I love this Page's three, beautiful braids ~ with Robin writing in her book, " show she is growing into the tradition of the Maiden, Mother and Crone." The very Fir tree that the Page of Pentacles stands near reinforces this strong threesome represented.

The Pentacle that the Page holds up sometimes seems to me very sun-like (conscious), and sometimes moon-like instead (unconscious)...with the rays illuminating on all that is studied/researched. Robin mentioned that the 8 rays around the Pentacle represent to her the wheel of the year, but is quick to say that we should go with whatever the symbols she has drawn represent to us. I so appreciate that Robin truly encourages us as readers...aiming to help us trust our own intuition.
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