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Love Triangles...

The AET 3 of cups absolutely SCREAMS love triangles.

An out of state friend of mine was once dating a woman whose behavior left him perplexed. He asked me via email, one Monday morning, to do a reading on the situation. Since the both of them were out of state, I had no contact with them, nor any idea of what was going on between the two of them. Sure enough, the 3 of cups came up in the reading. Along with the other cards, it indicated this woman was involved with someone else, who didn't really care too much about her.

Little did I know, the friend who requested the reading had actually gotten the REAL story from someone else on Sunday evening, which was the night before he requested I do the reading. He emailed me back, being stunned at the accuracy of the reading. It was the 3 of cups that let me know this love triangle did, in fact, exist.
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