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hi Mike,
thanks for the observation. I haven't seen it discussed either. Generally we have the problem, that the cards from the PMB exist not only once, and obviously not only from one production. Some may even be modern forgeries.
One can see minor differences between PMB and Bonomi even under this bad conditions, but Kaplan's opinion will probably have a realistic background.

When the cards were added (there is reason to assume that this happened in the form of a gift at a wedding), it might be, that immediately more than 1 addition was done, which would say, that the Sforzas had a special family game in a specific style and not only one deck in use. To amuse a smaller community at a festivity, which really could now play with such cards, the production of the gift might have considered perhaps 4-8 decks and so 4-8 additions (Leonello ordered 4 decks, when he became signore in Ferrara, the serial production in Ferrara 1454 even some more - here the suspicion exists, that this production was done for the wedding of Beatrice d'Este and Tristano Sforza).
Wedding festivities could last a few days, enough time for a little bit card playing in the pauses between the events.

Generally it has to be assumed, that trumps were less often produced than normal cards (the 56 others) and that for simple standards and simple games also the number 56 was reduced. The most used German deck nowadays has 32 cards anda lot of games exist for this deck. So trumps and small arcana might have been occasionally different productions.
In the Charles VI we've nearly only trumps. The suspicion is given, that the trumps were sold (or produced) alone, in the exspection, that a buyer would have own small arcana (with personal heraldic etc..)
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