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Originally Posted by MikeH
The relevance of the question to the present discussion is that if the same artist painted both Bonomi cards as well as the PMB Justice, then likely the painter of the PMB Justice card also painted a World card similar to the Bonomi one. Hence the original PMB would have had just such a card.

If the 2nd artist the Bonomi cards, then who did the PMB King of Cups and 8 of Coins?

I can't imagine that this issue hasn't been discussed somewhere in the literature, but I certainly haven't found it. Or have I mixed things up somewhere?
Michael Dummett recently wrote an article with a novel theory about the dating and artists of the PMB.

"Six XV-Century Tarot Cards: Who Painted Them?", in Artibus et Historiae Nr. 56 (2007) pp.15 - 26.

Huck summarized Dummett's conclusions on this thread -
(see posts 116 and 118)

Originally Posted by Huck

an essay about the "six added" ( terminology) cards in the Pierpont-Morgan-Bergamo Tarocchi.

In his usual excellent manner he explores the evolution and errors about the statement of Leopoldo Cicognara, who presented a document, which couldn't be found. This takes most of the article.

In the final statement of the essay (about 1/3 of a page) he suggests as most probable for the painter of the six cards Benedetto Bembo, brother of Bonifacio, who was first mentioned 1462 and is suggested to have painted in a Ferrarese style.

Dummett than offers the suggestion, that the whole deck was produced in the range of the years 1462 - 1468. No replacement (as earlier suggested), no adding process (as the 5x14-thesis suggested), just as a unique cooperation of two brothers to fulfill a commission of Bianca Maria Visconti.
A Benedetto Bembo image that shows his affinities for the Ferrarese style Dummett is talking about in the 6 second-artist cards:

"Madonna introno col Bambino" Cremona, Museo Civico

So by Dummett's argument your question would be answered (if Kaplan's identification for the Bonomi artist is correct) that yes, the original PMB did have these cards, because it was painted by the two brothers at the same time. Copies of this pack were done in the workshop, and some must have been made by the Bembos.

I'm not aware of any critical evaluation of Dummett's theory yet; as it stands, all I can say is that it sounds plausible, especially given that all copies of the PMB have the same style "secondary artist" cards (I obviously don't mean all by the same secondary artist as the PMB, but the same iconography as the secondary artist's original cards).

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