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Originally Posted by kwaw
...and like the phoenix, the eagle is connected with regeneration, renewal in the bible ...
Sounds, as if the eagle became mythological a Northern replacement figure for the Phoenix, who was difficult to detect in nature.

Marshall Boucicaut after a longer life as accepted hero with many adventures turned the battle of Azincourt in a total desaster for the French army, cause he underestimated the difficulties of ploughed soil in rainy weather for men in heavy armour.

This happened 1415 and changed the world decisively till 1429, when the French had a similar success in the battle of Patay with similar catastrophic losses for the English, this inside the surprizing militaric activities of Jeanne d'Arc.

The Michelino deck appeared during this process, ca. 1425, with phoenix, with eagle, turtle dove and dove).

The heraldic device of Boucicaut was the red eagle (an interesting question: since when ? is this possibly an after-life heraldic ? ), naturally associating the "phoenix in fire". For the French history one could interprete the historic run 1415-1429 as "Phoenix development" (actually history knows many "Phoenix developments"), in this case however rather curious, if Boucicaut had this red bird in his heraldic before 1415.

Filippo Maria was only a distant observer, but it's well known, that his diplomatic system worked and he had a lot of observers at other courts (Sforza learnt from him and his diplomatic mechanisms are called the most modern in their time).

So Filippo sat at home in Milan and interpreted the world history ... we may assume that he thought in astrological categories and had a sense for interpreting symbols. He would have known Boucicauts heraldic probably.

He had personal contact to Alain Chartier, the political diplomat and poet, who did a lot to help up Charles VII. in his desperate position.

In his card game he associated the phoenix to "riches". "Riches" and Nations appear and disappear and reappear, we know that from studying historic land maps. Filippo's choice is not bad, so one could say.

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