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THE SISTERS: Using The Bohemian Gothic as a "shadow" deck for The Victorian Romantic

I know that many have read with The Bohemian Gothic Tarot as a shadow deck to The Victorian Romantic Tarot, so I wanted to start a thread where we could discuss thoughts, observations, readings and anything else that comes to mind when working with both "sister" decks together.

The Bohemian Gothic may be the "Dark Sister" and a strong deck that stands on its own, but it can also aid with insightful and honest readings when paired with The Victorian Romantic.

Shadow work can be powerful and emotional, so remember that this is a public forum. With that said, we can still discuss quite a range of interpretations and feelings.

There are many ways to use The Bohemian Gothic as a shadow deck--from drawing a card or spread from The Victorian Romantic and then pulling the same cards from The Bohemian Gothic, or combining the decks into one deck (mentioned by baba-prague). It's up to you!

This thread is similar to the lounge concept used other areas on this forum.

Happy posting!
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