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This subject has been discussed on and off for a while.

I have both decks and they are among the most beloved of my relatively small collection and I use them both a lot.

However I tend to pick one deck at a time depending on the question or my mood.
I have shuffled both decks together in the past but the readings seemed somewhat muddled and confused though others may have better luck than I. I tend to read a card's light and dark aspects, both its negative and positive sides in a reading anyway, to get a well rounded idea of its influences.
I don't use reversals or uprights I read ALL its aspects, as we can have influences in our lives from both ends of the spectrum, it is neither, nor.

I tend to use the VR when doing day to day general readings for myself or others and the BG when I am asking about deeper, darker, as you say "shadow" questions dealing with the hard stuff such as a break-in to my car, depression, looking honestly and hard at myself etc.

The thing is though that both decks for me will read equally well for any kind of reading, be it a shadow reading or not. So I guess this is not quite what you meant in your original idea.

I look forward to hearing and adding to what others think.
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