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"Ancient Mother
I hear you calling
Ancient Mother
I hear your song"*

~ ~ ~

"Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecete, Demeter, Kali, Inanna." She swayed slightly as she repeated the chant, many times. There was a sense of the very Earth beneath my feet, vibrating. I was mesmerized by her dedication and devotion to the singular point of the disk held aloft in her small hands. She was so young, yet, within this moment - for it was the first I had seen her - it felt as if she was as ancient as the Ancient Mother to whom she sang in between her chants. Her voice was like the sweetness of honey, pure, honest, and dreamy.

Not wanting to disturb this meditation and personal celebration, I remained silently back, then quietly, in my own revery, I turned and followed a trail back toward the castle. I was reminded of a blend of The High Priestess, and The Star, both of whom seemed to be a great influence for the reverence of this novice, training in the service of The Mother, for whom her family stood.

Image - This is the daughter of the king and queen, and sister to the knight in this Land of Pentacles. She is a shining example of Spirit manifesting purity and dedication in childhood. She stands barefoot, nothing between her and her connection to the Earth, holding the pentacle of her faith, which shines its light out to the Universe. The Wheel of the year is represented in the 8 beams of light from the disk. Her tunic is all the earth colors of her family. On its belt hangs the book she carries with her. She is a student, when not attending her duties in the community.

Insights - Within the innocence of a child, manifests the purity of faith, not because she must, but because she wants to embody the living qualities with which she communes daily. She represents scholorship, studiousness, the essence of the methodical way, deliberate, and dedicated to her path.

*song for Page of Pentacles: Ancient Mother by Robert Gass
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