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i would like to join

I really like this deck, this deck called me from a distance, then it hide behind doors in a back room of a store.

I have a good friend that owns a store, her and her husband when on a tarot trip in the US, they were at a tarot convention, and while they we there they meet and talk with Ian Daniels, they even picked up a few protypes of this Deck, she brought back only 2, one for her self and one in the backroom of her store.

I'll never forget that day, I was driving to the Dr's. when I had the feeling to stop in at her store, I hadn't been there for a few month's. This feeling told me that something was waiting for me. So when I got there we said our typical greetings, I looked around the store an nothing. I said to her. hmmm I have this feeling that there is something here for me, nothing on the tarot shelves. strange then her husband came over and we talked about their trip. then he told me about these protypes he and his wife picked up. They know how much of a tarot collector I am. so he showed me some of the pictures of the protype they purchased. I was in love first sight, I asked if they are published yet, he no not yet very soon, but they did bring bk 2 protypes. my eyes lite up. then he said that is what your here for. he goes to the back room brings out the deck. I was so stoked. So there is my story. so yes I would love to join in on the study group
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