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Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Ace of Swords

For some reason, when I saw this card, I was reminded of a slightly mad professor's laboratory.

We have a sword as the most prominant item in the image. Behind the sword and slightly to the left is a machine, with a dial, handle and mysterious looking buttons. I love how the buttons are coloured red, amber and green. A sort of "go! - hang back a bit! - stop!" thing going on. I guess it will be up to us in a reading to consider which button is best, and which buttons may have repercussions if action is taken before due thought is given.
On top of the machine we have two cones, and we see the electricity arcing between them.

So, we would need to consider the relationship between the arcing electricity, and the presence of the sword. Will inspiration come in a flash? Does it representing the movement from one state to another?

Or do we relate solely to the sword? In this case it is beautifully cast, and we sense its balance and power.
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