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Yesss party party

Oh , we are so few atm that we can probably discuss them in this thread. (If more people join in then this thread can be split later. or something. The mod of this area will know what is best. Mods always do, you know )

1. Why this deck? I must say have no clue. I did not like this deck at all when I first got it. I put it away for several months and in September 12 I was suddenly head over heels with it. I have been wondering why but I have no explanation for this. At first the images looked ugly and scary and now I think this is the most beautiful deck ever. Magic?

2. My favorite card? Almost too many to mention but the Empress is my "21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card" -card and I have grown to love it. The Queen of Wands is lovely as are all Queens. And all cards with wolves or panthers in them.

But maybe if I had to pick just one Id pick the Sun. Beautiful, *hot* and with deep symbolism..

3. My least favorite card The Hanged is a card I do not get. And the Kings are somewhat cold and impersonal with their masks.

(Im sure Ill come and add more after I get the deck in my paws again.)
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