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Originally Posted by AmberFox View Post

Just some things to ask yourself so we can start posting some more on this thread...

Why this deck?
What is you favourite card and least favourite card in the deck?
Why this deck: I immediately fell in love with it when I purchased it last month. I didn't purchase it sooner, because I didn't think I'd ever actually want to *read* with a ''Vampire'' themed deck. But I was wrong, and here I am... Who would've thought, me with a vampire deck. I think it was Le Fanu who mentioned in a thread he would be embarrassed to read for others with this deck. Lucky me, I happen not to care what anybody else thinks, as long as I like it!

Favorite card: Too many faves to choose 1 card. I will name several:
Moon, Lovers,Sun, High Priestess, Empress, Prince of Scepters,Daughter of Grails,Daughter of Knives,10 of knives, 10 of skulls, 3 of grails... There are more, but these were the first to pop in my head.

Least favorite:
Only 2: Prince of knives and 8 of scepters.

I think this is the most beautiful deck I own!
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