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Originally Posted by closrapexa View Post
I know Payne-Towler created the Tarot of the Holy Light, but aside from that not much. What did she write, and why the animosity? I guess the movement hasn't reached my internet. (:
For example. Levi's Hebrew letter attributions are correct because they were revealed to him in some extraordinarily high degrees of Continental Freemasonry. The Golden Dawn leaders tried to get into these high degrees but were deemed unworthy. They made up some arbitrary attributions that are wrong because they didn't understand what they were doing. Moreover they appropriated a lot of Levi's ideas but didn't give him credit because they were jealous on account of the Freemasonry thing. This is all in one of the Ark Letters. I didn't take note of which one. Anyhow, Payne-Towler doesn't bother to distinguish fact from BS. Read Scion's review of The Underground Stream.
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