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Originally Posted by Pique Dame View Post
Just out of curiosity: Do harary charts ever change? Or once you do one, that's the only answer you'll ever receive? Since it's a live creature that's gone missing, it's possible it could change locations (as opposed to a piece of jewelry, for example).
Oh sure obviously....when i cast the chart it just showed me a snap shot of where the kitten was at that point in time, but yes as planets and pets can move, then there would still be movement.

BUT as venus was only 7 degrees into the house it was in, then i wouldn't say it was moving anywhere soon, it would have needed to be towards the end of a sign to show movement to a different location, i.e 28/29 degrees.

Also like i said the cats radical 1st house, being the 4th, mars is intercepted here and with mars being in the same house as the cat, i seen this as the cat being stuck.....or in other words unable to find a way out.

But then i thought if it had found its way into a car repair garage...i'm sure the guys working there would have heard it meeowing or come across it. And i'm sure the cat would make a dash out once the garage opened, to at least go and hunt for i'm confused as much as you are, unless the cat is literally stuck and i think it is.

When i just noticed your reply, i actually thought you was going to say they'd found it
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