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welp, i didn't get the faeries for christmas. waaahh!
but when i do i'll have to start a thread and chat with you all about them.

what i DID get for christmas from the faeries was.......
a missing wallet!

yes, i was in the car with my friend and sister. our friend had just paid me money for a mermaid collage i made her, and i put the cash in my coin purse. we go to get pizza. i'm in the backseat and get my money out of coinpurse.
we go inside to get pizza.
when i'm at home the next day i look for coin purse. no coin purse.

now, i could have left it in my friend's car, which i probably did, but i have called and haven't gotten a message from her.
and how did i put it on the seat, when i would have tossed it into my purse that was open! ahhhh well, maybe i've turned to the "dark side" and i'm doing all the work of the faeries for them!
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