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Originally Posted by RLG
Although this is obviously the surface meaning of the verse, my own researches have also shown that the idea of the number 3 is embedded very deeply in the qabalah of the new aeon, as shown to Crowley later in his book Liber Trigrammaton, where 'threefold' images, (trigrams made up of three lines), are composed of the three symbols of Tao, Yang and Yin. So it is possible that the triune nature of the Book of the Law, and the three primary voices it contains, are an adumbration of a more generalized trinity to be revealed to AC in the future.
Thanks RLG, I've been wondering what this line could mean beyond the number of chapters included. I was reading this morning commentary on Crowley's ritual Liber V Vel Reguli, and the importance Crowley placed on the three horizontal paths of the Tree of Life, crossing the middle pillar, which forms the sigil of the traditional Hierophant (Pope). It also reminded me of the symbol on the Hierophant card with the three interlocking rings, also seen on the Ace of Cups. The change from three separate lines to three interlocking circles is interesting to think about.

The connection to Taoist philosophy is interesting, and something that has stood out to me in other verses also. I've not heard of Liber Trigrammaton so will have to search it out. I was thinking the other day how puzzling it is to see so much similarity to Taoist philosophy in Thelema. From the timeline, I would have assumed Taoist philosophy would fall cleanly into the prior aeon, and yet from the small bit that I know about it, it really doesn't seem very Osirian at all. Perhaps that explains why Crowley embraced it so eagerly, and made relationships between the trigrams of the I-Ching and his tarot.
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