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Originally posted by gloria
But I think the large mittens signify the difficulty this person has in responding to the offer being made.

Could even signify the need for councelling.
Um...I'm not usually one to usually say this, but I think you might be reading WAY too much into those mittens. I think the mittens are big simply to imply that homey, old fashioned mitten that most folk in this alpine villiage might wear (and maybe the best the artist could do under the circumstances). Home knitted by grandmama, maybe even hand-me-downs. The bit-too-large element makes the little girl look "littler," sweeter, more innocent. Big, comfy, oversized mittens to keep tiny hands warm.

And just because she hasn't taken the flowers doesn't mean she didn't accept them. She has one mitten lifted to accept, and the cup is big enough that the mittens won't cause a problem in holding it. Even if it did, she's a little girl for heaven's sake! Little girls are shy, they might refuse a vase of flowers with a giggle or hug it to themselves because their tiny hands can't hold it well. A childhood memory might contain all this, but surely, with a smile and with understanding ("I was so young!"), not a need for councelling.

Let's remember, 6 cups is generally (and certainly in RW) interpeted as HAPPY childhood memories and nostolgia. If it was a fash back to something bad or hidden in childhood, something regretted, painful and needing therapy, then it would be crossed by something like the 5-cups, maybe 3 or 8 or 9 of swords. But in and of itself it's not a negative memory. The only negativity in the card, per se, is that the person is lost in this nostolgia, day dreaming and not dealing with the reality of the present.
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