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Originally posted by celeste
I appreciate all your responses. If the mitt is supposed to signify being taken care of in cold weather why doesn't the other child have one? Is he poorer/not so loved and taken care of? Is this again the union of opposites shown in the lovers card but on a socio-economic scale?
The boy is older and, well, a boy. We know he's older because he's bending to give the girl the cup--and in childhood, girls who are of an equal age to boys are usually taller.

As a boy, he's not as prettied up as the girl. But he's certainly not poor (maybe not as rich, but not poor). He's got layers of clothes on, none patched, and he's certainly got his head and ears kept warm.

Let's also consider that as an older boy from perhaps a not-so-rich family, he might now have chores, unlike the little girl who has no chores and might, being younger and from a richer family, be more coddled or just expected to keep her hands soft and pretty--not roughened from dry weather and harsh play. Our boy might also think and feel he's tougher ("I don't need no stinkin' mittens! Those are for girls and sissies!").

Then again, are we sure he's not wearing gloves? His hands are almost as red as his stockings and hood.
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