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Margarete Petersen Study -Three of Coins

  • To enter a new space.
    The number three takes a chance on an opening which the preceeding numbers have sparked off (loosened).
    The wish to to create a space as much for retreat as for encounters, -- a place for new experiences and possibilities; it can also be a place for spiritual and other public gatherings.

    From physical workout, Yoga, Massage, a new physical consciousness arrises. On the material plane, Commerce. [At the mental level] Ideas and thoughts are solidified. All three planes: physical, social contact, [and mental] discoveries, work together in cooperation.

link to image: Drei der Münzen

What I see: A white foot print. A curlicue of transparent blue ribbon shaping the number three (or is it Persian or Arabic calligraphy?). A square space framed on three sides, through whose absent fourth wall, MP's characteristic beaded pearl-like strands, and more bends of the blue curlicue are flowing. Three of the toe marks in the ghostly footprint resemble full-moons rising in an elliptical path, and another, blue moon shines in the opening and outflow of absent fourth wall. What do you see?

I must admit this card gives me pause. I don't fully understand the image, and I get a bit lost as soon as she starts talking about "taking space". Wondering, how are the three planes - physical, social, mental, represented here?

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