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Opinion please and question

I would some ones opinion on this. I did this spread on my ex there where some life change events in his life that triggered our break up and he did say he is seeing some one else. I know I am not interested in any one at this time, and when I pick our card I picked for me queen of pentacles andfor him I choose a knight that I felt describe him in general. However, while I was looking for the knight and the page of wands fell out so I used that card for him instead. this is how the cards played out
queen pentacles
9 of wands
page of pentacles

page of wands
justice reverse
then the queens of wands reverse

I know that it was said a love triangle may be present in ends with court cards. I am just curious what this could mean due to the fact the page fell out I didn't chose it and mine ended with the page and his ended with the queen? sorry I am just looking for an objective opinion not just mind which is clouded by both hope and fear. I didn't get a chance to pull another card, and I have one more question if I where to ask for clarifaciation now on this reading even though it is after the fact would it still be accurate or has the moment passed?
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