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I've been using the deck since it arrived and I have to say I'm a fan. All the spreads have been aesthetically/visually cohesive, although obviously many cards and card combinations have not come up yet... but based on how well it's worked out when I've actually used it, to me it's not worth worrying about.

The cardstock is pretty thick. I can't hold the deck lengthwise in one hand...which is something I can do easily with decks like Robin Wood, Morgan Greer, RWS, Shadowscapes, basically any mass-produced deck. I feel like i have to be fairly gentle when riffle shuffling it, but not as gentle as with the Wild Unknown, for instance.

Also I can't say I've noticed any chipping around the edges. The sides of the cards do seem kind of rough, like they could have sanded down to be a bit smoother. But that is a very minor complaint. I agree with SarahJoy that the placement of the number/name can seem random but after looking at the cards I thought that they wanted the borders/titles to all the same white color, and of course that shows up better on dark so I think in some cases at least they put the title on the darkest part of the card, whether that was top or bottom. I totally prefer this method to borders (ughhh) that corral that info in the same place; I guess it's a matter of what you value most in a deck, and for me consistency and obviousness of clarity is not as important as big pretty, unfettered pictures.

Sometimes it's not immediately apparent what the suit is and the art doesn't match up to how I think of that card's typical meaning but honestly... that is one of the big reasons I buy different decks in the first place. So far all of my readings with it have been, if not immediately clear, then definitely worth the extra minutes spent in "figuring it out."

All in all... love this deck So glad I got a full bleed almost-borderless deck.
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