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It is certainly interesting how the number three and Taoist philosophy agree with Thelema.
I can see how the Law, rituals and ordeals may refer to Nuit, Hadit and Ra Hoor Khuit..
Something all-comprehensive (Law), something to "Go in search" (rituals), and something very challenging (ordeals) and hard to overcome that brings a new level of awareness..

I haven't read Liber Trigrammaton either.
I was looking for AC's interpretation of the I King as I find it a very elegant and "on the spot" divination system.
I have the classic translation by Whilelm but I find it hard to follow the evolution of the hexagrams in the order he has put them.
I have read somewhere in AC's works that what most fascinated him about the hexagrams was how one springs from the previous and evolves in the next.
This definitely doesn't happen in my copy of the book.
I look forward to have a look to Liber Trigrammaton so that I can fond the right order to study them so to be able to apreciate yet this other level, and also to see AC's comments on them.
I reckon Liber Trigrammaton is in Class A so it was consider inspired and holy..
Pherhaps this time I'll learn to use the I Ching by myself without relying on online programs for the interpretation..
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