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Hanson Roberts - 6 of Cups

From Nov. 1st I've started my own version of the One Deck Wonder with the Hanson Roberts I thought it would be nice to start working on this card which is one of the most hated among those who dislike this deck because of the “gnome” look of the children I like them, here are my thoughts about this card:

The shirts of the kids are white it talks to me about their innocence, the girl has a blue dress and the boy a brown vest I see this as a symbol of the spiritual and material in harmony once we put ourselves together after 5 of Cups lesson.

The children are in a safe place, there is a brick wall but is not as high as in a fortress, I see this wall as a symbol of stability and structure that support the 3 cups on top of it, this is definitely a happy place and probably a healing one too. Most of the flowers colors range from red and orange but mostly they are yellow with lush green leaves I see it as body and mind in balance.

The sky doesn’t look sunny a little bit dark and cold actually but the kids don’t care about it, should the rain start they’ll go inside their house, I assume they have a house because we can see one on the other side of the brick wall so I think they are in the garden of their very own house.

Now an interesting fact, the boy seems to be the same in The Sun card, please take a look to see his flag is blue, just like the color of the girl’s dress, I always wondered why the RWS red flag was changed to a blue one, this seems like a possible answer, our inner child got healed through the spirituality gift of the girl which might represent someone we can always trust, our family a good friends or even ourselves.

Number 6 is for harmony and balance recovery and solutions, the doors open after the crisis in number 5, in this card we recover the emotional balance, as the flowers we're ready to bloom and continue our path.

On a lighter note... OK the kids look pretty cartoonish, I didn't see the girl as a gnome I thought she was a young version of Miss Piggy from the Muppets Show, she only needs the ears to be complete, but I like the Muppets they remind me my childhood sunday afternoons, this card is associated with childhood and good memories so I can easily associate this card with those concepts.
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