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Three card reading - Tarot of the Old Path deck:

Body: Tower; Mind: 8 of Pentacles; Spirit: High Priestess (Soul Card).

What I see: A tower exploding, and industrious man achieving success, and a woman confident in every aspect of her being.

Colors: The yellows and greens in all cards were what stood out the most and commanded my attention. Also see oranges and pinks.

Personal meanings of the numbers: One things I found really interesting is that the number 16 (Tower-body) is the result of multiplying 8 (Pentacles-mind) by 2 (High Priestess-spirit). This had the most significance to me. On an individual level, 8 means strength and succes to me; 2 means duality; 16 holds no real significance for me. I need to gain more knowledge concerning numerology.

Human Figures and Animals: a man and woman falling, a toad, a man focused on his work almost meditatively, a priestess, butterfly, unicorn, 2 rabbits, black cat, squirrel, deer, snake, dragon fly, 2 doves.

Description of cards in terms of emotion: chaos, concentration/meditation/focus, and beauty, peace and calm.

Symbols: fire, lightening, comet rain, toad, falling bridge, determined eyes, 7 perfect wheat pentacles plust the one he is working on, wand, inverted triangle, water, crown, animals, forrest and loose hair of HP.

Description of cards in terms of emotions the evoke:
Tower - expectancy
8 of Pentacles - commitment
HP - peace, joy and awe

Direction cards face: the Tower (body) faces the 9 of pentacles (mind) which is starring forward in concentration. The HP (spirit) appears headed toward the 8 of Pentacles (mind).

Continued ....
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