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Hi Bec! Hope you are feeling more positive today. I thought it was interesting to see how your personal cards dominated your reading and really tied into the interpretation I did for you on your persona cards.

I would like to comment that I think your spirit card in the above reading (7 of Pentacles) could also be looked as I reaping the rewards of your mind and body struggles once reseloved ... just something to think about. I am also wondering if the 7 of swords reversed might not be that you are getting through that phase of focusing on the 2 swords you did not get and being happy for the 5 you do ... thus putting your mind in better balance (the 2 in your reading) and leading to a spiritual repose to enjoy your new found balance before forging ahead.
Just my two pearls of wisdom ~giggles~. What do you think? Also I would love to hear what you think about my spread.

Love & Light,
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