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I''ll first post my thing and then print out yours and get back to them.
Mine isn't so elaborate as yours are, sorry.

Bec I feel with you.....
I draw Justice reversed and thought something like what the hell now again (or still). So I picked 3 more cards to clarify.

My first thoughts about Justice reversed:
Some way of not being honest with myself, and maybe also others.
Not wanting to see things and hence blocking oppotunities to get some understanding myself and my life.
Dishonesty, no fair/honest decisions.

I wanted to know on what issue Justice reversed was more specific, so next 3 cards were:
Strenght reversed
Emperor reversed
Knight of Swords

My subconsious is telling me that I don't have the courage to face life in honesty and have faith. In general terms, Kaz you suck major right now, you have the backbone of a jelly-fish.
My consious is telling me I am acting/behaving immature and this way I am not in a position to make decisions and act upon them.
My superconsious is telling me to be brave and strong and charge them problems (fears?).

The child in me says: I can't, I don't know how, I am scared.
The parent in me says: You don't even try, you act like a little kid, what do you expect?
The adult in me says: Face up and fight your fears !

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