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Originally Posted by Richard View Post
I agree with your opinion, at least as regards "RWS styled decks" in general. For the "original" RWS, it does not apply to the Major Arcana: In The Pictorial Key to the Tarot 3.3, Waite writes,
"It will be seen that, except where there is an irresistible suggestion conveyed by the surface meaning, that which is extracted from the Trumps Major by the divinatory art is at once artificial and arbitrary, as it seems to me, in the highest degree. But of one order are the mysteries of light and of another are those of fantasy. The allocation of a fortune-telling aspect to these cards is the story of a prolonged impertinence."
You certainly make a valid point. I just felt compelled to correct an all-too-common misunderstanding concerning the "original" Waite deck.
Interesting. To be honest my very first deck was an original RWS and I just could not connect to it at all. I ended up working with RWS styled decks that featured less common imagery and then things clicked into place for me. Perhaps it's the christian mysticism aspect that puts me off. I never could connect to christianity as a concept either, and the original RWS imagery looks identical to an illustrated bible that I used to own as a child.
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