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Exclamation How do you open your readings

Just reading through all these threads and it made think of this question


I suppose I mean this in a professional sense, but ALL and ANY advice welcome from the wonderful Aeclectic Community.

When I open for a client I like to do a General spread first. The readings are random, in the sense of sometimes 'specific' issues arise and sometimes not. This helps me to get into the nitty gritty of the reading. I then go onto questions. The shop I work from people come for half hour or one hour readings, standard stuff.
Generally half hour, so we usually are focusing in on one/two issues.

Ooops....I am rambling....

I open with a spread from Racheal Pollack, I think she calls it a work spread. I use it as a past, present and future spread.

Cards 1 and 2 cross each other at the top, like the Celtic Cross.

I then do 2 to 3 rows with seven cards in them. The first card(s) are the past, the second is expectations, the next 3 are the present with the middle of the 3 generally being the here and now/today and the last two are possible outcomes/future.

The first row is the 'heart' of the situation, the second is how the person is thinking about it/outside influences and the third which I don't always do ties the two together and is good if the other cards are showing confusion etc because it can really clarify things.

What do other people do, as I am interested in maybe changing my approach.

Thanks everyone for listening.

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