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This has been my bread and butter for many years.

Itís nice for either general or specific readings.

Seven Card Horseshoe
1. Recent Past
2. Present
3. Hopes and Fears
4. The Unexpected
5. The Gate
6. Near Future
7. Further Future

Hopes and fears = Internal influence.
Unexpected = Hidden external influence.
The Gate = That which must be experienced - the lesson
With two cards placed at each position, the relationship between the cards becomes more important that each card by itself. A highly recommended spread for the intermediate to advanced user.
Now I copied this from the Text section of this forum. The Dan Pelletier guy who wrote the article plagiarized my work. Itís my spread Ė he stole it from me! Ask Lawguy51 (heís not even a cop). He uses the spreadÖ
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