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Originally Posted by crazy raven
Julie, when looking upon the Maat Empress, I felt confused and a loss for words. It was if I had to get to know Her and what She symbolically stood for before starting here.

It was through this realization that we can feel confused before meeting her. After all we were in dire straits, in a moral dilemma before we found ourselves groping forward in the dark, step by step, to the door of this ‘room’ or cave buried in dark layers of soil and stone. Dare we enter? This woman’s determined look is intense, sharp…..she doesn’t mince words, she tells it like it is. If crossed, she could become manipulative, jealous and sarcastic…..the dark side of Venus’ mirror.

Entering into an expanded state of consciousness is difficult when the body and mind have not been prepared to do it. Many of us are out of touch with the lower half of our bodies. We long to shake off and blast free of the restrictions placed on us through past conditionings. The door to this room is almost shut, perhaps telling us we have closed ourselves off from our sensuality. Like a tree that is barren, our roots cannot interconnect or entwine with others.

It does seem that a spiritual initiation of some sort can crumble and crack our old foundation. When this happens we are forced to acknowledge that we have an immense hunger to explore different possibilities of our potential. We desire to bring something of our own into being. To do this we must sit and discover what we are capable of and be honest with ourselves. Compassion forces us to consider the implications of our actions as well as our limitations. When we are truthful to ourselves only then will our old shape and old boundaries melt away. This is when She will willingly descend us into the warm blue-green waters. There we are like a baby in the mother’s womb…..we feel loved, nurtured content and have come home to our self.

The creative process has begun and we become aware of far-reaching interconnections with many others who share our desires and passions.

Patience and endurance nurtures the unborn child.
Hi CR!!
I like this, your being "lost for words". Don't we loose our words as we enter
a new body, a fresh brain, free of cultural and other associations, biases?
The stuff we love sticks we'll remember it, the stuff that hurt us could also
trigger us, but the details of the pain are gone. She's our "second chance" (third or more) to begin again and to pick all our favorite things again. Her sexuality brings us life and for once sex equates with life and not with it should be. "I desire" tells us what we want next it's a direction to go in.
Thanks again for sharing this is fun!
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