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Maat - 2 of Swords

So- this will be the new thread for the 2 of swords- here are my thoughts from my IDS with the Maat tarot on this card.

Card/Number: 2 of swords/4

Picture: attached below

First Impression: I love the softness in the old woman's face as she reaches out to pet the wolf. This is no blinded person crossed by two swords, but rather a wise old woman, eyes opened, who is wise enough to see what is beyond her regular sight.

Description: A pair of gold scissors are in the forefront, shaped as a phoenix. Within the holes of the scissors sit an old Inuit woman on the left and a wolf on the right. The woman looks softly as she reaches to pet the wolf. The wolf stares silently through the picture. The sun rises slowly over a field where elk graze silently in the background.

Feminine/Masculine/Neutral: Neutral

Colors: brown, orange, blue, green and gold

Senses: Ahhh, the feel of the cold snowy air hitting my face with that beautiful clean smell of winter. I can taste the snowflakes on my tongue and hear the animals softly moving in the background as they graze. I can feel the warmth of the wolf, as I pet him softly, and we walk together in the field.

Symbols: phoenix, wise old woman, wolf, scissors

Story (Intuitive): Listen to the land my child- do you hear the whispers? Good, now you may open your eyes and truly see. It amazes me how you view predators as evil, wanting to protect the prey. See what is beyond your normal sight- each being on this Earth has a purpose, and it is our duty to fulfill that purpose in order to maintain balance. The wolf, he knows this well and, as such, is a trusted friend. Humankind, well- so many of you are lost. You cover your eyes, thinking blindness will grand impartiality and allow you to be rational and just. No child, it only makes you blind. If you would only remove the blindfold and see Earth in Her glory, then you could become part of Her again and the balance would be restored. Remember, there is no predator or prey- only balance, and as the phoenix rises from its own ashes, so our death creates life for the Mother.

Astrologic: week of the new moon in Libra, planetary ruler Venus

Element: Fire, also earth

Keywords: balance, peace, truce

Meanings: breaking even, delicate balance between life and death

Quote: "Open your eyes and see balance creates regeneration."
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