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When cards had "unexpected" outcomes

I've seen some posts here and there where cards ended up being somewhat literal or what they were trying to show didn't become apparent until after the fact. I'm sorry that I don't remember usernames, but for example one poster mentioned the Page of Swords indicating a golf game and another had the Knight of Cups ending up being a plumber arriving to replace a toilet. I thought it might be fun to hear some other experiences like this.

The Queen of Cups showed up as my weekly card recently, and I wondered if I would have to take on a caretaker role for someone or I'd end up simply having an emotional week. A few days later, one of the people I lived with showed up with a little squirrel that I gave round-the-clock care to before handing it over to a wildlife charity on the final day of that card's week. I thought it was pretty neat how the QoC represented that
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