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well that was certainly the easy way out.

you see the problem i have with those who only want to 'read' is that they're missing so many of the essential nuances involved in tarot.

but if one learns the tarot first... really learns the tarot, inside and out... then their reading skills and abilities will be enhanced manifold. and this requires study. deep, deep study.

of course that isn't as sexy as just reading. it certainly doesn't impreess one's friends nearly as much. but i guess i assumed that anyone who was into the Thoth deck was more in tune with these subtle nuances, more willing to dedicate themselves to what is probably the epitome of tarot thought.
i definitely wouldn't want to be shot into space by someone who was just intuitively plotting my launch. tarot is a science too. and like all sciences, study IS required.

if that's not so, then my mistake. i apologise.
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