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Originally posted by Nevada
I'm not here to change your opinion, or to be persuaded by you to stop reading with Thoth because of some notion you may have that I'm somehow unworthy. (That was my impression from your post whether you intended it or not.)
that was most definitely NOT my intention, and i find it rather unfair of you to suggest it.
but whatever. i'm not easily offended, so let's just say you misunderstood.
Yaraluna's question was honestly asked, and answered with our varied opinions. I feel no need to justify mine. I read with the cards I want to read with. I encourage everyone to do the same.
i feel no need to 'justify' mine either. if another point of view offends you, then i'm not sure what to say. but i also encourage everyone to read with whatever deck they wish. however, the choice of decks was not the question here, was it? the question was regarding studying a deck or just running off blindly, and i proffered my opinion on the subject (i thought that was the purpose of a 'study group').

you know, this is a wonderful site, one of the best on the web in fact. but i found myself posting here less and less because, for ALL the many forums at Aeclectic Tarot, there are none in which we can discuss the esoteric virtues of tarot. it seems very much like a 'readers only' club, and that's quite unfortunate, imo. but i thought that perhaps, just perhaps, those who could appreciate the Thoth tarot might be open to another opinion. was that my mistake?

oh well... this is not the purpose of this thread, so perhaps we can get back on topic now, that being "study or intuition". i've made my point quite clearly, i think.
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