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Alobar makes an important contribution which, I suspect, many of us agree with, when saying that study is vital with Tarot - ie, it provides the living waters into which Tarot may reflect its essence.

yaraluna also opens the thread with one of those ever so difficult questions - difficult not because of the various replies, but rather because answers need to somehow be phrased and explained within the constraints of a rather short-ish post. So, to the original question, viz:
  • 'Would I be missing a lot in my readings just by doing 'intuitive/previous knowledge of tarot' readings with it instead?'
the replies are probably that one may use any deck to read - and to read as deeply as one opens oneself up to the guidance of one's, to use GD terms, HGA. As such, it is not study per se, but 'Grace'.

In using any singular deck which incorporates consciously or unconsciously a vast store of symbolic intent, whether it be the apparently complex CH 'Thoth', the apparently simpler WCS, or the deceptively still 'simpler' (but in my view even deeper) Marseille, study - indeed prolonged esoteric work - will slowly unveil that which was never meant to be veiled to those who develop eyes to see and ears to hear.

This last is partly where I tend to agree with all comments previously made. As someone reads my (or others') posts, I presume that if a particular word is not known, a dictionary is used to assist in unravelling the meaning of the sentence in which that word is embedded. I would also presume that a similar process takes place with the ongoing investigation and usage of one's deck. This does not solely mean that reference to the creators of the deck is necessary, for the Platonic Solids, or projective geometry, or indeed the appearance of a winding staircase by a fall of water, may each better be unveiled by investigating works by others. Nonetheless, the works of the co-creators of a deck, when we have such, assists immensely to further deepen our understanding of the deck at hand.

Would somebody be missing anything in their readings by not studying the deck of its various symbolic content? Perhaps not. Perhaps, instead, they may be freed from the constraints from their intellect as it otherwise seeks to impose by its will by its loud voice over the silenced whispers of the still small voice within given the situation at hand... Perhaps...

But then, study also deepens not just knowledge, but, when applied, reflected on, meditated on, and integrated, it reaches the heights of insight from which understanding and wisdom may shine their glorious crowning rays.
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