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I don't think anyone has said that study isn't important nor is further knowledge of the cards.. I think what is under question here is can one read this deck without knowing the basics behind the meaning of the deck, I still stand behind my answer as yes. Intuition is key in any reading.. no matter what the books may say, its the reader that has to piece them together.

Why do I study Thoth if I use my intuition to read this deck? Because I would like to find deeper meanings into the cards and read what others have taken from them.. nothing more or less than that.. I have owned my first Thoth for a little over 10yrs.. when I began studying, I was very much over whelmed by the knowledge of the correspondences and references given.. One doesn't have to start there to read these cards at all. I understand the need for both opinions we've seen here, and I can respect them.. what I am trying to say is there is NO right or wrong way to read tarot (thoth or otherwise).
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