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Premium German Rider Waite with Pam A crackle brown back and 1909 colouring

Hi, this is only my second post on the forum, I've been a long time lurker but felt it was time to come in from the cold!

I'm a big fan of the Rider Waite and keep a regular look out for both vintage and new Waite decks. Last week on I caught sight of a deck by Konigsfurt Urania called 'the Premium Tarot von A.E. Waite' which had the crackle brown backs of the Pam A, B, C, D decks.

It was quite affordable so I bought one. When it arrived I was pretty impressed. It comes in a 2 piece orange lift off box with the Magician on the lid. Imagine the colours of the PCS centennial deck without the artificial aged tinting, with the original brown back crackle pattern, and smooth papery matte card stock of a vintage 70s Rider.

Yep, I'm impressed with this deck - there is no copyright anywhere on the cards.

If there are any downsides it's that the card titles are in German but that doesn't bother me. The not so little LWB has a whole page for each card but it's all in German.

I haven't seen this particular edition mentioned here and it's only available in Europe but available from German Amazon. Thought I'd give the deck a shout out for Rider fans. Personally, it's now my 2nd favourite Rider Waite edition behind my Blue Box 70s deck.

If anyone else gets this deck it would be interesting to compare it to the other Riders, I wish US Games would do something like this.
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