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Right in front of me, indeed. I find most things I have serious issues understanding are usually so simple that once understood I can't believe I missed it. I think I have it figured out, yes. Thanks for being so patient!

It is as you said, and Crowley's description of what is basically a shifting system with 3 'variables' using a static 2 dimensional image is where I was tripping myself up. Let me try.

The loops show what continuously changes, not what is changed and now at rest. The diagram isn't meant to represent a static system (which of course is one of Crowley's big points about the wisdom of the new Aeon). These circles show where on the zodiac the changes occur, as Leo-Lib rotate around Vir and Aqu-Ari revolve around Pis as we switch between the Astrological, Numerological, and Hebrew systems. We are supposed to imagine the cards in question revolving around as each pattern of organization comes into play.

As for the 8-11 GD swap et al., I was aware of that one, which of course confused me even more. Sometimes one just gets stumped on the simplest things. Thanks for helping me see what I was missing.
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