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Your welcome.
I had a great experience with it yesterday. I went to an erotic arts festival and was able to get into a workshop with Serpentesa the Snake Priestess. Her workshop introduced you to her Boas and you had a chance to dance with them. I am petriefied of snakes. It doesn't matter the size, even pictures I have to turn away from. I had my pendant on and was going to take it off so the snake wouldn't get cut by it. I was told to leave it on because of the grounding. Well I did.I was so in the present with my snake that I overcame that fear. I think if I had taken it off(the necklace) I wouldn't have gotten as far as to just touching with a finger.
I had "spiral" on my neck and he began constricting. Little did I know he was taking the pain that I have in my neck and absorbing it himself. Later he went to my right shoulder and repeated . Taking my pain from my shoulder. Today I am pain free in my neck and shoulder. I just wish I was able to get him to my knee and work his magick there.
There was such a calmness, I felt that my pendant was working on all my fears and helping me to accept that moment in time.
I have noticed over the last couple of weeks that I am more settled and in the moment. I can concentrate better and any nervousness gets absorbed in the pendant or it dissapates.
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