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Originally Posted by HYLEG
Hi Entropy,

Could you please elaborate a bit? I am going through a very deep spiritual process of transformation triggered by the Moldavite and do need to exchange information with other people using the stone. I have my first piece since mid April of last year, how about you?

Thanks in advance for the kindness of your response,
Oy. So I've been seperated from my ex husband since 2006. I very much wanted to keep the marriage and the man. We've been talking about getting back together for most of that time, but he just wasn't doing anything. I read about moldovite on this thread, and decided to get a ring, half hoping that all the transformation everyone was discussing would come through for me.

Within a couple of weeks after recieving and wearing the ring, he had signed the divorce papers. NOT the answer I wanted.

Meanwhile, I got an interview for a new job, and have started hearing a lot more chatter about other job opportunities.

So far, the only concrete thing that has changed dramatically is the divorce. Everything else is just chatter.

I've gotten over the odd dreams, and now wear the ring 24/7.

What all that means? I'm still figuring it out. How much the changes have to do with the ring? Also a mystery. I'm still bumping along, somehow just along for the ride.
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