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Originally Posted by entropy
Oy. So I've been seperated from my ex husband since 2006. I very much wanted to keep the marriage and the man. We've been talking about getting back together for most of that time, but he just wasn't doing anything. I read about moldovite on this thread, and decided to get a ring, half hoping that all the transformation everyone was discussing would come through for me.

Within a couple of weeks after recieving and wearing the ring, he had signed the divorce papers. NOT the answer I wanted.

Meanwhile, I got an interview for a new job, and have started hearing a lot more chatter about other job opportunities.

So far, the only concrete thing that has changed dramatically is the divorce. Everything else is just chatter.

I've gotten over the odd dreams, and now wear the ring 24/7.

What all that means? I'm still figuring it out. How much the changes have to do with the ring? Also a mystery. I'm still bumping along, somehow just along for the ride.

Hi dear,

I think I can help you with this doubt of yours. You see, Moldavite is not a stone that brings about the transformation we think we want to see. It brings, instead, the transformation we NEED, we might not even recognize we need to go the other way but we do. You were divorced because it is the necessary step at this point in time to help you evolve spiritually. It is very possible that your ex-husband was holding your spiritual advancement back, so the Moldavite just gave you a kick of a help. In time, you'd have divorced your husband anyway, it would have just taken more time to end it definitely. The moldavite accelerated the process, gave definition to this area of your life now, instead of two years from now, understand?

You are now divorced (though you were already separated when you acquired your Moldavite) and have a new job. Give it a chance and you'll see much more positive transformations coming to your life. The time frame I see more commentaries about is TWO YEARS TIME. I'm in the middle of it for I have my Moldavite for 13 months now. I've been shown stuff I can't even describe properly, never mind my soul, how deep it was touched. It has been painful but I can see the point the stone is trying to make. I am following other people using it, so I can guarantee you the effects are very different from one person to the other. A client of mine was having serious problems with her business and also with her husband. It seems that the moldavite energy helped a lot, for she is doing very well with her husband and the business turned around in a very positive way. She thanks me a lot for insisting so much she should get the stone: she finally did and is much happier now.

It has been different with me. Moldavite is forcing me to face, to examine some deep seated old painful memories/events, it hasn't been easy but I do recognize it is a necessary step in my spiritual quest. Yes, I've been feeling a deep sadness but I won't get rid of my stones, no sir, let it come, we'll see where does it takes me. I'm also feeling an almost uncontrollable urge to move to Europe (from New York City), though I have no way of doing it. If the move is for the best I am sure my Moldavites (yes, I now have three stones, two rings, earrings and two pendants) willl see that I accomplish it.

In time, in case it was not understood: Moldavite CANNOT and WILL NOT change your Karma so, again, whatever comes to you helped by the stone energy are events and changes scheduled to happen to you, the Moldavite will expedite these events and changes, that's all. In other words, if you are bored to death with life here on Earth and need to speed up your process, whatever does that mean, Moldavite is the stone for you.

As companion stones I strongly recommend you get Herkimer Diamond, a couple of Satyaloka Crystals and some Quartz Crystals. Any quartz will work extremely well with Moldavite though the crystals I mention are particularly important.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

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