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Tyldwick - Six of Staves

The laurel wreath is a connection to the previous card; an Olympic athlete has bested all his challengers and now is crowned as the victor. What has seemed like chaos - one obstacle after another - has now settled down and become a moment of success.
The Greek/Roman temple in the architectural design is also symbolic of honor, built for the various gods and goddesses. The red columns on the diagram draw the eye, and remind me these were not just added for beauty, but helped support the heavy marble roof. In fact, the columns are some of the last part of the building still standing at these ancient sites. The Romans later figured out that arches could support a dome in the same way. These parts of the building (arches and columns) encourage the "victor" not to forget who has had his back, whether through emotional, mental or physical support. Rarely does anyone conquer a challenge all on his or her own. The circle drawn around the temple design hints at sacred geometry - a philosophy that believed numbers were more than quantities, they were the underlying reality of all things. Irrational numbers like Pi and Phi (where the decimal was infinitely long and non-repeating) could not be expressed as a quantity but as a quality; their qualities resonated in a harmonious cosmic dance that could be seen in nature. The harmony of this card comes when the participants learn to "dance" together to reach a goal.
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