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All this discussion on 10/Pents makes me want to go back to 10/Cups. There is an interesting addition to the Rider-Waite definition on that one:

"Contentment, repose of the entire heart; the perfection of that state; also perfection of human love and friendship....Additional meanings: For a male Querent, a good marriage and one beyond his expectations."

It's not surprise that the BG 10/Cups does not feature an outdoor scene with rainbow and dancing children. It it is interesting that this indoor scene displays how well-to-do the family is. (The "rainbow" imagery, by the way, would seem to be in the baby's lacy blanket that arches over the child's head, as well as the arching beams of the house). Could there be more of that "additional" meaning in this card? Did our man there, standing so stiffly and displaying his family as if they were his wealth marry beyond his expectations? Does he feel he has to prove that he didn't marry just for money, or that he's worthy of being married to this woman and being the father of her children?
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