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10 of Pentacles, mostly

Couldn't we simply say that the old man has never figured out how to do something fantastically worthwhile with his wealth (and may never have thought he ought to), and has thus NOT realized the spiritual value of wealth, an interpretation befitting a dark deck? Presumably he has no legacy of descendants, either.

Other questions relating to this card:
-wouldn't it be a servant opening the outer gate, usually? Is it hard for him to keep servants around? I assume the old man is the master of the house. Is he too cheap to hire any, or too nasty?
-where are the right hands of the young couple? At first I'd assumed that hers is tucked into her jacket for warmth (her jacket opens on the side traditional for a man, incidentally) and that his is tucked between the sack and his back, perhaps to keep some lumpy object from poking him. But if they have no right hands, why not? Bad luck? In some places, thieves were punished by having their right hands cut off. If that's the case here, it casts a different light on their attitude toward material things.

As for the 10 of cups, I find value in what has been said already, and I also propose, as others have elsewhere, that the father is prone to violence with very little provocation. This may explain why his wife is looking so intently at him: she is reading him for the subtlest clues so she can avoid doing anything that might provoke such an occurrence; and it is why his elder child has distanced herself in this picture. Even in a patriarchal society, this man seems too dominant in the context of a family portrait.
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