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Exclamation The Tarot of Vampyres - Seven of Grails

Under the apple tree of temptation there is a passage that leads to the underworld of our darkest emotions. The vampire medusa in the front is the guardian of this entrance and like the underworld we cannot face her and live. I'm thinking of course about scorpio having pluto as one of its rulers and pluto being the underworld and death. For now she is playing with her snake companion. That snake has bitten her many times. While she cannot die from the poison she is nonetheless intoxicated by it and we caught her while she is in the rapture she feels by the poison. She is addicted to it. She is so high she does not notice the snake's poison has tainted the cauldron of blood she is been guarding.

The venus symbol is the pendant on her bra and the scorpio on one of the pillars on the right. I mention this because 7 of cups is venus in scorpio.

I want to point that since the deck is heavily inspired by the Thoth, the keyword for this card is DEBAUCH.
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